"Krocoworld" the brand of the company Gala.Trade

In 2017 Mr. Arkadiusz Gala ventured with his company Gala.Trade on a new project. He founded his own brand “Krocoworld” in 2017. Not only our well-known online shop is running under this brand, but under this brand we have also entered the business of production. Since the beginning of last year we produce gamer mouse pads on a high level. As a producer, we attach great importance to quality and sustainability.

Our Products – Gaming Mousepads

Our mouse pads are designed specifically for gamers around the world. In order to meet the high demands of our customers, we have spared no effort. Our mouse pads are very thin and yet robust. The bottom of the pad is rubber coated and the top is made of fabric with high optimized fiber density, allowing the mouse to glide almost silently across the surface. The corners and edges are woven throughout, for a long life. Due to the high-quality processing, the surface does not rub. These pads are great for optical and laser mice. The movements are smooth and precise! Of course, these pads are not only excellent for gamers, but is also absolutely recommended for office work or at home!

Krocoworld Gaming Mousepad

With our gaming mouse pads there is no more slipping of the pad or jerking of the mouse movements.

In our shop you can order different designs and sizes and convince yourself of the excellent quality.

Features of our Gaming Mousepads


The excellent quality is clearly noticeable when processing the pads. The consistently woven edges and the high fiber density of the fabric ensure a long service life.


our mouse pads are available in 9 motifs and 2 sizes

* 30x25x0, 3cm
* 32x27x0, 3cm
In the size 32x27x0,3cm, you get the mouse pads in the practical gift box
Home delivered.


Bottom: Rubber is made of 100% natural rubber Top: Fabric is made of 100% polyester

About Krocoworld

Krocoworld is an online store company that exclusively sells licensed products
Toys, children’s, baby equipment, electronics, housewares and games sold and under
also produces and sells his gaming mouse pad.

It is headquartered in Zeitz and has dispatch centers and fulfillment facilities in the
whole country.

Krocoworld is a brand of the company Gala.Trade